Strong Relationships

Strong partners make us stronger. Strong relationships make us great.


WEI appreciates realtors’ support over the past years! When you refer a client to us, our loan consultant and processing team will take care of the financing process end-to-end. You can leave the worries out of financing and be confident in our ability to process, approve and commit the loan because WEI is a direct lender. Our underwriting team in Rockville works hard to take away realtors’ worry of last minute rejections.

Effective communication and service reliability have been our strength. That’s why 90% of our business come from referrals. Realtor community is large part of that. We are proud to be known locally for our service and strive to continue on that level of personal experience for years to come with Realtors. Aside from WEI’s service, WEI’s pricing is extremely competitive on agency fixed/arm products and true Jumbo fixed/arm’s.

A sizable part of our referrals come from Certified Public Accountants and Financial Advisers. Since a mortgage home loan is probably one of the largest debts your clients may incur in their lifetime, WEI can assist your clients in getting the right mortgage product for their individual needs.

WEI has dedicated professionals that handle our important builder/developer business relationships.  Our professional staff strive to accurately inform you of your client’s ability to obtain financing. This can be accomplished within just a day by our trained loan consultants who interview the client before potentially issuing a firm underwriting credit commitment. WEI excels at providing hundreds of loan programs which are available at competitive rates so as to cater to the many needs of the clients we serve. WEI can warrant condo/planned unit development (PUD) projects and make flexible decisions as a direct lender.  WEI can also schedule closings within 24 hours without prior notice after underwriting clearance.

WEI is experienced in originating, underwriting, closing, and servicing residential loans.  The client can be assured that WEI delivers sound investment loans with zero rates of default and delinquency. We take pride and responsibility in our work and our highly motivated team constantly examines and improves our processes and customizes the way we perform as one of your best business partners.

Because WEI realizes how a lack of efficiency can affect the whole mortgage home loan process, our highly motivated people are committed to make the process fast and reliable.  WEI Mortgage Corporation values long-term relationships with every one of our investors and we are dedicated to ensuring that our investor’s interests come first.

WEI works with third-party vendors such as appraisal, flood, credit, and title companies to provide our clients the best possible product.  We are proud to have a staff that is both accessible and personable because maintaining a strong relationship with our vendors is crucial for greater efficiency.  Any issues or problems that you have will receive prompt attention so that they can be quickly resolved.

WEI believes in treating our third-party vendors with the respect that they deserve.  Payments are always made on time and traditionally paid in-full within a fifteen-day window because we believe that we should pay our service providers the way we would like to be paid by our clients/partners for services rendered.